Pearl knows every problem is complex and challenging in its own way. Our creative and nuanced approach to problem solving tailors each engagement to our clients' needs. Our expertise and knowledge accelerate project timelines and give our clients' confidence to hand us their most significant challenges.

We focus on the following:
  •  Project & Program Management
    •  System Implementation & Application Development
    •  Organization Redesign
    •  Other Mid- to Large-scale initiatives
  • Operations Enhancement
    • Future-State Operating Environment Strategy & Planning
    • Process Re-engineering
    • Policy & Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development
  •  Contracting & Compliance Contract negotiations
    •  Business analysis

The Pearl services platform is built to handle complexity inherent in contract operations. From data collection through evaluation, analysis and reporting, Pearl services keep your business running smoothly, maximizing intelligence and minimizing cost.

We offer the following:

  • Specialty Pharmacy & Other Non-Standard Data
    • Collection & Processing
    • Evaluation, Reporting & Analysis
  • Managed Care Rebates
    • PHS/340B Entity Management
    • Formulary Verification
    • Medicaid submissions cross-check for duplicates
  • Medicaid Drug Rebate Program Rebates
    • Prescription-level data collection & storage
    • Invoice scrubbing (dispute identification)
  •  Government Pricing Calculations
  •  Commercial Sales Practice (CSP) Disclosure